Aix en Provence – Everywhere there is a Painting Worth Painting!

by Neadeen Masters on October 5, 2013

Everywhere there is a painting worth painting!

It’s 11p.m as I write this blog post and sounds of children paying in the street below drifts through my bedroom window. My Mom always said, “Change is as good as a rest” She was correct, Aix en Provence is a change from my daily studio routine. Our visit to the South of France is one I shall always treasure. So far, its been quite the experience. Each day has unfolded with a new discovery! Most especially fun and memorable as I experience it with another crazy artist and friend who looks at things in a similar manner. Today is day five of a 21 day artistic holiday! What have we experienced so far? Let’s see…

Limestone buildings - Aix en Provence Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence is unique in every way…
Perfect weather…The weather in Aix – en – Provence in October is all about warm days and cooler evenings making for enjoyable strolls along the narrow streets of the old city. Cool breezes blow the fall leaves off the trees to collect in loose piles along the sidewalks. Our apartment is on the third floor of a building in the heart of the old city. Our windows are kept wide open so we hear the sounds of the day as it unfolds below us. Bits and pieces of cafe conversations, the occasional scooter, car, or singing from one who’s had a wee bit too much ‘happy hour’ float through the air like the falling leaves!
Painting Inspiration in Aix en Provence Painting Inspiration in Aix en Provence
Art Supplies for all forms of Art...
If you believe in karma, you’ll understand why our first stop was an art store over flowing with art supplies. Less than five minutes from our front door was four stories of artistic inspiration. From mixed media to fine art, it was all there. Yes we have been back 3 times so far!
If you have deep pockets, the clothes shopping is to die for…Designer everything, great quality, amazing fashion style, but expensive. It’s still fun to look at. A pair of shoes will set you back 300 Euros and that’s just the start. It’s hard not to be tempted by the store windows that beg you to enter the tiny but beautifully displayed shops and boutiques. Displays are very artistic, it doesn’t matter if it is a pair of shoes, a hunk of cheese…or a loaf of bread…the French know how to create the eye candy that draws you in!
The architecture of the creamy old limestone buildings is simple yet beautiful. Mostly built in the 1700’s…It’s interesting to see them as they stand four stories tall on both sides of narrow cobblestone streets. Brightly painted wooden shutters frame most windows and heavy brass hardware decorate the heavy oversized wooden entry doors. The shadows cast from open shutters, street lights and window balconies makes for interesting patterns cast against the worn limestone. 
City dwellers live above the assortment of shops, bakeries, cafes and resturants, and it’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of home life during the late evening hours.
Courtyards and fountains abound, adorned with lions, cherubs and an assortment of other odd figures, and falling water from decorative spounts adds to the music of the street sounds. 
Fresh Spices and Herbs Aix en Provence Fresh Spices and Herbs Aix en Provence
Let’s see…food…Oh my goodness…fresh food is the norm. Daily markets overflowing with flowers, breads, and fresh produce and fruit from local farms are available for sale so its easy to buy food for just a few days at a time! Naturally it’s a pleasure to make the selections. Mouth watering olives, fresh herbs, tomatoes that taste like a tomato should, and melt in your mouth pastries and breads! Team this up with a glass of wine or a cold beer and your taste buds explode! So much for weight watchers!
Fresh Spices and Herbs Aix en Provence Fresh Spices and Herbs Aix en Provence
As I stated earlier…Everywhere there is a scene worth painting, from the brightly colored market stalls, to the old man sitting on the edge of a fountain waiting for his wife as she buys bread for the next few days. Naturally the camera has been clicking away…In Aix en Provence the artistic juices are flowing and the creativity is gaining a huge boost!
More to come as I share this trip with my fellow artists and friends …

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Susan Richardson October 6, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to share, I love reading your adventures!!


Naydene Cook October 7, 2013 at 4:20 am

Oh! How I enjoy reading your post. I can go to sleep and dream I’m there on your trip, you are a great artist and it seems you have been hiding another talent writing! Please continue1 Naydene Cook


Linda October 8, 2013 at 12:23 am

You’re living my dream. Have a fabulous trip.


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